How to Induce Labor Naturally

Hello my friend and let me personally welcome you to my personal website. I know why you are here and that is why I put up this blog, to share you my experiences. I remember the days when I was pregnant with Ashley, I was sooo happy.

Impending motherhood can be pretty scary for a newbie mom who is experiencing pregnancy for the first time. In my case, what petrified me the most was the prospect of a long, painful labor. When I was a week past my due date, my OB-Gyne recommended, “You should learn how to induce labor yourself.”

My doctor’s recommendation came as a result of her evaluation of my mental state at that time. I was under a lot of stress. I’ve been experiencing sporadic labor pains, which would cause my husband and me to rush to the hospital, only to be sent home an hour later because it was “false labor”.

However, my doctor suspected that my baby was indeed ready to go out into the world, but my fears and stress is preventing it from being delivered. Seeing that I was delayed, she referred me to her colleague who is a complementary medicine specialist. After checking me out, this specialist also arrived at the same conclusion that it was me who was delaying my baby’s birth.

She told me, “You are much too tense. Because of this, your contractions are not as strong as they should be. Your cervix is also not relaxed enough to allow your baby to pass through it. To get you to relax and also to prepare you for birth, I will teach you how to induce labor yourself by using maternity acupressure.”

The specialist taught my husband and me how to apply pressure or massage certain points in the body that will lead to labor induction. I will discuss just a few of them. For example, LI4 or the Adjoining Valley Point is located in the web between my thumb and forefinger. Pressing on this point causes my large intestines to contract and press upon my uterus. Another example is the SP6 or Three Yin Crossing Point. To find this point, place four fingers above your ankle next to your bone along the inside of your leg. The Three Yin Crossing Point is just above your fourth finger. This point aids in ripening the cervix and strengthens weak uterine contractions. Putting pressure on the roof of the mouth with the tongue also has the same effect as the Three Yin Crossing Point. Needless to say, pressing on these points induced true labor in only 8 hours that my husband and I started doing acupressure.

In the delivery room, however, I found myself overwhelmed by the pain of the contractions. What my husband did was to massage the GB21 or Shoulder Well Point which is located at the shoulder joint four-finger widths in the direction of the neck. He would alternate massaging this point with the BL60 or Big and High Point found between the ankle bone and Achilles tendon at the back of the my foot right above my heel. The Shoulder Well Point helped to ease the pain of my contractions while the Big and High Point aided in making my baby go down smoothly into my pelvis. You can just imagine my surprise when it only took a couple of pushes before my baby easily came out of me.

Don’t let fear of labor ruin what would be one of the best moments of your life. Learn how to induce labor yourself through maternity acupressure today!

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